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Diamien Records Inc. is a young, fresh and vibrant newly formed independent record label that’s destined to take the music industry by storm. Diamien Records Incorporated is the brainchild of Damien Howell (President and CEO). Diamien Records Inc. was established in 2008 in Toronto, Canada.

Although this is a newly formed company Diamien Records Inc. is already determined to hit the ground running and is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With his record company less than a year old, Damien has already established heavy-hitting contacts in the music industry.


Damien Howell is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who’s no stranger to owning and operating his own businesses. Damien is a risk taker who never takes no for an answer and is destined to bring his label to greatness. He brings a wealth of ideas and business knowledge to the operation of this company and has a lot of experience leading others and working in managerial roles. Damien is a natural born leader with a strong business sense! He has a passion for music and an ear for new talent and he is ready to take the industry by storm. Damien’s passion for music stems from his roots and his cultural background. Damien now resides in Toronto, Canada but is originally a native of Jamaica, a tiny country whose legendary, rich musical heritage has given birth to great music legends like Bob Marley and has influenced the world’s music trends for years. Damien is also a dynamic visionary and entrepreneur determined to bring Diamien Records to greatness and to bring his independent label national and international recognition. Damien is currently working with young new talent and is excited about introducing these new artists with fresh sounds on the music scene. As his label continues to grow and flourish it is the vision of its founder Damien to represent talent and artists in all genres of music both locally and abroad. Damien is committed and eager to help new talent break onto the music scene and is always looking to discover and promote young, fresh and new talent. Not only does Diamien Records Inc accept demos, it encourages new artists, musicians and songwriters with real talent to submit pieces of their work for consideration and become a part of music history! Demos can be submitted online or by mail to:

Toronto, Ontario