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D. Howell is a successful recording artist whose music has been sold globally.  Performing and producing in multiple genres, D Howell has worked with some of the best artists and fellow producers in Jamaica, Canada and the US.   His single “Wine Bounce” has been featured on Canada reggae 2010 compilation cd alongside Sean Paul, elephant man,sarani just to name a few. The track was licensed to Universal Music Canada. D Howell is also a successful entrepreneur with several businesses that was built from the ground up
D Howell born in Spanish town Jamaica as Damien Howell grew up in one of the roughest city on the island.

Damien’s passion for music and success started in the late 90s, which stems from his roots and his cultural background in Jamaica. Growing up in the era of top music legends such as beenie man and bounty killer that inspired him to start making music, basically collecting paint cans and knocking on them to create beats. Forming his own crew, which he called the beverlyhills crew, was basically him cementing in his mind that one day he will reach the pinnacle of that successful lifestyle. But Born in a country of barely no opportunities and financial burden Damien realize that to be successful at what he does he has to help himself and that means put himself in a better position to support his passion of music

D Howell arrives in Toronto Canada in late summer 2002 with only one suitcase and no family to turn to. But through determination and hard work he has solidify himself in the music industry as a top producer in all genres of music. D Howell now resides in Toronto Canada but his origin, a native of Jamaica, a tiny country whose legendary, rich musical heritage has given birth to great music legends like Bob Marley who has influenced the world’s music trends for years. Has taught Damien that Canada is a country of opportunities for him to set the next stage of his life. Damien is also a dynamic visionary and he is determined to bring his artistic musical talent to greatness and his vision of success to a national and international level. He is currently working with both national and international artist that have had major success in the music industry such as Sean Paul and Karl wolf, and is also working with young new talents and is excited about introducing these new artists with fresh sounds on the music scene. As his musical sound continues to grow and flourish it is the vision of Damien to represent talent and artists in all genres of music both locally and abroad.